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My Help Home is one of the leading drug addiction treatment center in India. We are committed to drug abuse prevention, control, treatment and rehabilitation of victims of Drug and Alcohol addiction. My Help Home Nasha Mukti Kendra is India’s premier institution for the last two decades, involved in the crusade against Substance Abuse.

It has ingeniously discovered time tested techniques of identification, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of victims of Substance Abuse and Alcohol abuse.

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My belief that drugs would solve problems came out to be a misconception as it only gave brief relief, instead it increased my problems many fold. Its addiction made me its slave with intolerable suffering. I started it to get rid of tension and work pressure, instead it resulted more stress, work avoidance, neglect of children and bickering at home for the last 10 years.   Sadly, after many warnings at my job I was suspended …

I have visited Help Home Centre and met patients, got information about drug addiction from them and inquired from the staff. This Centre is doing a very good job and is being well managed. I will talk with the government about extending help to this Centre and will recommend for it.

I  had spoiled my life being an addict for 7 years and wasted nearly one crore rupees earned by my honest hard working mother by doing domestic service in Australia for 10 years. After dropping out from under graduation, I started smoking then drugs and lived misconceived wishful life to become a great singer by flirting and overspending on girls that added pain, depression and miserable life most of the time.

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